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FACIT Sverige 2023 features all Swedish stamps from the start in 1855. All values are described with prices for unused (both hinged and never hinged) as well as cancelled stamps and with all the different stamp designs depicted in colour. The catalogue is written in Swedish with most parts in English as well.

Among the contents of FACIT Sverige 2023:

  • A list of stamps that cannot be soaked off using water.
  • Tourist Postage Labels, Newspaper Stamps and Franking Labels.
  • First Day Covers, Booklets, Self-adhesive Stamps in Covers and Souvenir Sheets.
  • All Thematic Sheets published from 1 November 2018 and onwards are pictured along with a complete price list.
  • Price list for the Official Maximum Cards.
  • NEW: Stamp products issued by the Swedish Post are now priced and updated.
  • NEW: Swedish Postal Stationery are updated and now also includes the Military Stationery, which are also updated.
  • REVISED: Private Local Post, the first three periods.
  • Updated membership roster for the Swedish Stamp Dealers Association.
  • GIFT FROM POSTNORD: A First Day Cancelled minisheet, “Marinen 500 år”, especially for this catalogue.
  • 384 pages.

Price SEK 450 incl. VAT (p&p will be added).


Facit Sverige 2023