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FACIT Postal is the invaluable catalogue for collectors of Swedish town cancellations and postal history.

After six years, it is with great joy that FACIT Förlags AB is able to present FACIT Postal IX, the indispensable catalogue for collectors of Swedish postal history and town cancellations. Apart from price adjustments and updates of newly discovered dates and cancellations in all chapters, this version of the catalogue also contains the following:

  • Postal rates for letters have been updated until 2015.
  • The section with Swedish covers has been supplemented when it comes to letters to abroad.
  • A new column has been added for today’s modern cancellations, normal cancellation type (Nst) 64.
  • The square cancellations of the rural mail service have been extended with the rectangle cancellations and the square ones have been dramatically complemented.
  • The modern rural mail service cancellations have been dramatically updated.
  • The steamship mail has been revised, specifying with the names of vessels on each route.
  • Initiated cataloguing of ship-, shipping company- and route cancellations is included.
  • Malmö Post cancellations are implemented.
  • Postal labels of the Registration and Insurance types have been revised.
  • A listing of labels for Saturday delivery of mail has been added.
  • The reverse alphabet index to help decipher cancellations has been greatly improved.

The price of the catalogue is SEK 500 incl. VAT (p & p will be added).


FACIT Postal