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FACIT Norden 2019 is the specialized catalogue featuring all stamps of the Nordic countries in colour. The stamps from 1951 onwards are described with varieties, while the stamps from the period before 1951 are described with issue and denomination, without varieties, with the price for a normal stamp. All stamp booklets are listed with varieties, even before 1951.

Among the news:

  • The catalogue is now printed on 70 grams paper, resulting in significantly improved image quality.
  • For the first time, prices for Swedish single frankings including BB/SX on covers, postcards and printed matters after 1951 are presented.
  • A substantial revision of Swedish self-adhesive stamps in covers (SH).
  • For the first time, a summary of Swedish Anniversary Issues is included.
  • Norwegian “Affixing roll stamps from 2007 until April 2018”.
  • Summary of the Greenlandic franking machines' unique code numbers.
  • Price adjustments and various corrections.
  • Updated membership roster for the Swedish Stamp Dealers Association.
  • Adverts from stamp dealers and auctioneers.
  • Adverts from the Nordic Postal Services.

The price of the catalogue, which has 960 colour pages, is SEK 450 incl. VAT (p&p will be added).


FACIT Norden