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FACIT Special Classic 2022 is the specialized catalogue featuring all stamps of the Nordic countries in colour, with varieties, until 1951.

The catalogue is more than 500 pages, in hardcover and with a ribbon bookmark.

Among the contents of FACIT Special Classic 2022:

  • Article on Return labels and handstamps for undeliverable items to the Nordic countries.
  • Updates of Swedish proofs, forgeries etc.
  • Article on 4 Skilling Banco, printing 7-10.
  • Article on Broad and thin Margin Lines.
  • Update of Swedish covers.
  • Coil stamps now follow the SFF classifications.
  • Colour strengths of stamps have been added.
  • Lots of new varieties have been added from Oscar II until Coil stamps.
  • Lots of prices for "extra fine quality" have been added.
  • Updates of Landstorm I, II and III.
  • Updates of the Danish ”Advertising label pairs. Se-tenant”.
  • Updates of Greenlandic cancellations and ”avane” cancellations.
  • Article about the issue ”Danmark Befriet”.
  • Icelandic cancellations have been updated.
  • Extensive updates of American and British Military Mail in Iceland during World War II.
  • Updates of ”Í GILDI ’02-’03” and postal stationery.
  • Icelandic Payment tax stamps have been updated.
  • New section on Icelandic Savings stamps.
  • New section on Helsinki City Post and Tampere City Post.
  • Ringström’s Museum for Philately presents the mounted collection of Tampere Local Post.
  • 504 pages.

Price SEK 500 incl. VAT (p&p will be added).


FACIT Special Classic