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FACIT Special Classic 2024 is the specialized catalogue featuring all stamps of the Nordic countries in colour, with varieties, until 1951.

Among the contents of FACIT Special Classic 2024:

  • Updated article on Return labels and handstamps for undeliverable items to the Nordic countries.
  • Update of "Proofs for Swedish Stamps".
  • Article "Cliché Relocations in the First Three Print Runs of the 4 Skilling Banco".
  • Many price adjustments throughout the catalogue.
  • Updates of new varieties and watermarks.
  • Article explaining catalogue changes for Landstorm II.
  • Image showing part of a wire cloth.
  • Prices for superb copies of cancelled stamps 1924-1951 are now added to the Swedish part.
  • Prices for superb copies of mint unhinged and unused stamps up to and including Bromma 1936.
  • Article "Færingehavn on the West Coast of Greenland".
  • From the Ringström Museum of Philately the mounted collection of HAPAG "Hamburg American Packet Company West India Line" is shown.
  • Icelandic cancellations have been updated.
  • Corrections and updates of American and British Military Mail in Iceland during World War II.
  • Map of Icelandic post offices and postal routes 1885.
  • Update of the Icelandic overprints ”Í GILDI ’02-’03”.
  • Article "An Expert's Guide to the Iceland Í GILDI ’02-’03 Overprints", Postscript No. 2.
  • 512 pages.

Price SEK 500 incl. VAT (p&p will be added).


FACIT Special Classic