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FACIT Special Classic 2017
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FACIT Special Classic 2017 is the specialized catalogue featuring all stamps of the Nordic countries in colour, with varieties, until 1951.

Among the news:

  • Each country has had its flag or coat of arms added to the bottom of each page
  • The quality grading for stamps and cancellations is updated with new colour pictures, and now also with English text
  • Article about “delivery 11 of 4 Skilling Banco”
  • Revision of varieties, this time for Circle Type perforation 13
  • Update of the Swedish machine produced booklets (H52->) with plenty of information
  • The Swedish Coil Stamps have been updated with a lot of varieties, and they now have an introductory text in Swedish and English
  • The work with replacement of pictures in colour continues, this time especially on Denmark and the Danish West Indies
  • Two nice compilations in the Iceland section, one about “Icelandic Skilling Covers on Private Hands” and the other with a census of 12 rare unused copies of “Iceland 3 Þrir Surcharge of 1897”
  • Price adjustments
  • Various corrections
  • Updated membership roster for the Swedish Stamp Dealers Association
  • Adverts from stamp dealers and auctioneers

The price of the catalogue, which has 384 colour pages, is SEK 350 incl. VAT (p&p will be added).


FACIT Special Classic